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Book cover: Brothers of the Milky Way

Maybe she doesn't wear eye shadow like a 'decent woman,' but Hank thinks that the mysterious hippy selling trinkets at the 1974 Bay Area drag race might offer a clue to help him win ported cylinder heads for his beloved hot rod 'Cuda. Hank can't stand his supermarket cashier job, or life with his lonely, drunken mother; his 'Cuda is all he has.

Instead, the hippy furnishes a lead on a vastly bigger prize: the legendary Cuauhtémoc cup, missing since a Civil War era séance with a great Sioux warrior, and said to be charged with fearsome supernatural power.

Tim Adams was a hobbyist auto mechanic before founding TransitPeople, a volunteer organization that conducted field trips for Los Angeles children aboard public transit. He now lives and rides the subway in Madrid, Spain.

Photo of Tim Adams

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